Brocker.Org: US services sector growth picks up pace in April, ISM report shows


During April, 16 non-manufacturing industries reported growth, including wholesale trade, utilities, arts, mining and retail trade, the group said.

A survey respondent who works in construction noted that business levels have been increasing, and “more project inquiries are being received.”

Overall for April respondents comments were “mostly positive about business conditions and the … economy,” the ISM said.

The ISM’s Prices Index increased 4.1 percentage points in April, to 57.6 percent, indicating prices in the sector grew for the 13th consecutive month and at a faster rate.

The Business Activity Index also rose to 62.4 from 58.9 the month before, and the New Orders Index climbed to 63.2, the strongest since August 2005, from 58.9 in March, the ISM said.