Brocker.Org: A division within the FDA has reportedly been told to switch its TVs from CNN to Fox News


An organization within the Food and Drug Administration has
reportedly been asked to change its TV monitors from CNN to Fox

In an email sent on Wednesday to the Center for Biologics
Evaluation and Research within the FDA that was obtained by
reporter Julia Reinstein
, the researchers were told that
televisions had been changed because the current
administration requested that “all monitors, under our
control, on the White Campus, display FOX news.” 

The FDA is the agency that is responsible for
regulating food and drugs, medical devices, blood donations,
veterinary products, cosmetics, and tobacco.

Reinstein tweeted a screenshot of the email sent to “CBER
Researchers” from “WO Digital Display.”

Within the FDA, the CBER evaluates biologics, including blood,
drugs made from biologic materials including vaccines, and cell
and gene therapies.

The FDA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from
Business Insider. The agency sent a statement to Jessica