Brocker.Org: Apple to Announce New Laptops Next Month: Report


Apple (AAPL) is set to announce significant upgrades to its dated laptop line-up at an app developers conference next month, according to Bloomberg, in a bid to address growing competition from Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG), flagging iPad sales and appease loyal Mac users, many of which have grown frustrated with a lack notable improvements.

Sources speaking with Bloomberg said that three new laptops will be unveiled at the event. The company is focusing on improving performance, rather than tinkering with aesthetics. One of these products is likely to be a new model of the company’s flagship MacBook Pro, which is expected to come equipped with a faster Intel (INTC) designed Kaby Lake processor.

Apple is also reportedly keen to install a faster Intel chip in its new version of the 12-inch MacBook, and potentially upgrade the processor on its ageing 13-inch MacBook Air. Bloomberg’s sources claim that sales of Apple’s cheapest laptop, which last received a speed boost in 2015, have been surprisingly strong. (See also: Apple to Upgrade iMacs With Pro Hardware This Year.)

Why Is Apple Upgrading Its Computers?

Mac computers accounted for just 11 percent of Apples $216 billion annual sales in 2016, although they continue to be viewed as a pivotal part of the business. Even though iPhone has emerged as the main driver of revenues, the technology company’s management team recognize that its line-up of computers continue to be popular and a key way to keep loyal followers of the brand happy.

In the second quarter, Apple sold 4.2 million desktops and laptops, representing a 14 percent increase on the same period in 2016. However, company chiefs recognize that this encouraging momentum could come undone now that Microsoft, Apple’s biggest rival in the computing market, has launched its new Surface Laptop.

Microsoft’s latest model, which boasts a touchscreen and quicker more stable performance than older machines, threatens to steal some market share away from Apple. By revamping its own line-up of laptop computers, the California-based company will hope that it can ward off growing competition and potentially reassert its dominance in the sector. (See also: Apple Drops to Fifth Place in Laptop Survey.)