Brocker.Org: Here are our biggest men’;s style predictions for 2017

Brocker.Org: Here are our biggest men’;s style predictions for 2017


Getty/Stuart C. WilsonThe only way to genuinely keep ahead of a craze is to predict it. We’ve gotten ahead of the curve and outlined some of the most popular kinds you can see blowing up this 12 months.

From what we have witnessed on the street, runways, and display screen and in stores, here are 10 of our ideal predictions for the traits that will are living and die in the new 12 months.

Fits will also keep on to embrace extra shade, as effectively as integrate styles.

Even though navy and charcoal will still be the most common match colours you can see in 2017, really don’t be surprised if you see brighter, extra festive colours through the 12 months. Even styles like plaid suits, or paisley tuxedo jackets are not out of the problem.

Recall Obama’s khaki match from 2014? It is like that, but taken up a several notches.

Official have on getting cues from the twentieth century will hit the mainstream.

 Formal wear taking cues from the 20th century will hit the mainstream.

AP/Charles Gorry

Tuxedos are already a bit nostalgic, and in 2017 we are likely to see extra guys leaning into that.

Double breasted jackets, navy, contrasting white jackets, and extra will be commonplace in black tie occasions.

For relaxed have on, get all set for black and white to choose above.

Get all set to see a large amount of black, white, and grey in the coming 12 months. To combine the modifying of athleisure, we are predicting quite a few guys will adhere to the colorless look in the new 12 months.


Athleisure will choose a new way.

 Athleisure will take a new direction.

Melia Robinson/Enterprise Insider

The results are in and votes have been tallied: athleisure is not likely away. It is below to keep, and it is really even evolving. Some athleisure gear can take hints from athletics attire, but also techy fabrics in traditional clothes to create new seems to be.

Athleisure is recognizing that men don’t have on it just to the gym, and the kinds will adjust appropriately.

Denim will no more time be the common relaxed pant.

As this adjust occurs, guys will gravitate towards the poles of formality and relaxed have on. The grey place that denims at this time inhibit will attain significantly less of the focus. 

There are now so many other options for relaxed trousers, that denims look previous fashioned by comparison.

Sneakers will keep on their domination.

Sneakers will continue their domination.

Getty/Pablo Cuadra

Sneakers of all stripes were the most common issue witnessed on men’s feet in 2016, and absolutely nothing will adjust this 12 months. From Nike’s sporty luxurious functioning sneakers to New Balance’s nostalgia-motivated sportswear to Typical Project’s minimalist luxurious and the woolen Allbirds, sneakers of just about every form, measurement, and protect will keep on to be popular.

Hair will keep on to get more time, and significantly less weighed down.

Hair will continue to get longer, and less weighed down.


Males will continue to shift away from the clipped, faded cuts and extra into layered, textured types in 2017. The scissors will be utilised extra normally than the razor, and the merchandise utilised will let for motion in the hair instead of weighing it down.

Stubble will retake its rightful put as the most common facial hair.

Stubble will retake its rightful place as the most common facial hair.


The large bushy beards of the very last couple years have offered way to neat, trimmed stubble and that craze will keep on into 2017.

Pants will come to be stretchy.

Together with a contact of elastane in trousers, even jeans, will come to be the norm in 2017. The moment guys get utilised to it, they’ll realize the trousers are extra at ease, more 

Wearables are absent, but tech just isn’t likely any where.

Quite a few wearable makers are in difficulty, Nike obtained out of the activity, and even the Apple Watch’s revenue usually are not what quite a few hoped. Wearables are just not attaining traction.

That would not imply tech is giving up, nevertheless. Tech will proliferate into new and interesting directions when it comes to clothes in 2017. Nike’s self-lacing sneakers are just the commencing.