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President Donald Trump could not have induced a trade war with Mexico but, but the blame recreation is on in whole drive. On Friday he even further infected tensions with Mexico when he wrote on Twitter that Mexico was giving “little support on the incredibly weak border” White Property advisor Kellyanne Conway then pushed the position on Tv set, stating that Mexico “was not doing much to quit [medicines from] pouring over our borders.”

If correct, that’s an explosive claim: Mexico dodging its work on border safety would warrant a harder line from the United States, and again up Trump’s latest rhetoric and commitment to constructing a wall on the border.
But it can be completely wrong, say previous officials and specialists on the U.S.-Mexico romantic relationship. In point, alternatively than providing “little support,” Mexico has drastically increased its safety efforts over the previous 10 several years. Coordination involving the two international locations is in close proximity to unprecedented degrees, from senior degrees all the way down to neighborhood law enforcement. And the harder we get on Mexico, the a lot more probably we are to reverse these tough-fought gains.

“The U.S.-Mexico romantic relationship can usually be more powerful,” reported Michael Shifter, the president of the Inter-American Dialogue, “but it’s basically unfair, not valuable and not accurate to characterize it [as Trump and Conway did].”

The present day safety romantic relationship involving the U.S. and Mexico dates again to 2007, when George W. Bush and previous Mexican President Felipe Calderón signed a bilateral safety agreement—the Mérida Initiative—that necessary Mexico to crack down on criminal offense in its borders and the United States to address domestic drug need. The initiative also set up immediate channels for U.S. and Mexican officials to share intelligence and the United States agreed to deliver support to Mexican authorities. The Mexican Navy has stationed a overseas liaison officer at the United States Northern Command since 2007 the Mexican Army has visited Northern Command services. Congress has supported the settlement, giving $two.6 billion in safety assistance to Mexico since 2008.

The benefits haven’t been ideal. Violent criminal offense in Mexico has increased drastically the previous couple of several years, even though the United States faces its have opioid epidemic. But the increased safety cooperation has nonetheless been amazing. “This intelligence collaboration does not audio that exceptional. It’s what pals do for every single other,” reported Duncan Wooden, the head of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center. “But in the U.S.-Mexico context, it’s incredible. If you were being to convey to me 10 several years in the past that this sort of factor would exist, I would have reported you are dreaming in technicolor.”

On the Texas border, Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), a previous CIA officer whose district is made up of 800 miles of the border, reported that the U.S.-Mexico romantic relationship has been continually enhancing. “The variety of teams that we share intelligence with has been rising at a steady level, so that we can deal with the challenge ahead of it even will get to our border,” he reported.

In 2011, previous President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto broadened the Mérida Initiative, setting law-enforcement and human-legal rights objectives for the Mexican govt. In switch, Mexico has limited the volume of bucks Mexicans can exchange or deposit every single thirty day period, and developed a monetary crimes device to look into income laundering. Even now, the settlement has not been totally productive. Mexico carries on to have human legal rights issues, these as the 43 learners abducted and killed in Guerrero, Mexico, in 2014. But on locations of border safety and cross-border collaboration, ties involving the U.S. and Mexico have continued to increase more powerful under the refined settlement.

Now, neighborhood law enforcement organizations on every single aspect of the border engage in daily calls to share info and commonly perform joint missions to crack down on human and drug trafficking. The cooperation was significantly noteworthy over the previous couple of several years, as tens of countless numbers of Central American migrants have tried to get to the United States. This circulation grew to become a disaster in the summer time of 2014, when countless numbers of unaccompanied kids arrived throughout the border, straining the U.S. immigration program. Considering the fact that that surge, Mexico has performed an important position in blocking Central American migrants at Mexico’s southern border, turning them absent ahead of they get to the U.S.-Mexico border. In the first 8 months of 2016, they had returned or deported tens of countless numbers of Central People, a follow that has faced criticism from human legal rights advocates who say the migrants are taken care of inadequately. The consequence, nevertheless, has been a boon to the United States. At a cost of $three,000 to $five,000 for each detainee, Wooden estimates it preserve the U.S. hundreds of tens of millions of bucks a 12 months, and importantly cuts down small business for smugglers and criminal gangs inside of Mexico.

“The border is the previous line of defense in Mexico and our first,” reported Hurd. “If we can deal with this challenge closer to the resource, the better.”

The Mexican govt is also an important spouse in accepting deportees from the United States. When the Border Patrol picks up a Mexican migrant in close proximity to the border, the agent can generally put them on a bus and deliver them suitable again into Mexico. It’s a method that angers some immigration activists but would make it incredibly straightforward for U.S. immigration authorities to police the border.

“You can’t underestimate how important that is,” reported John Sandweg, the previous performing director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “If, like a large amount of other international locations, it took a week or two weeks to get vacation documents or authorization to return anyone, that could be a massive mess for the U.S.”

Just previous week, the working day ahead of Trump’s inauguration, El Chapo, the infamous drug kingpin, was extradited to the United States, a significant-profile illustration of continued cooperation involving the international locations.

Even though this cooperation is a massive advancement in the previous 10 several years, specialists and previous officials are rapid to say that it is considerably from ideal. The U.S. has closer safety relationships with other international locations, including other people in Central The united states and South The united states like Colombia. “The joint, collaborative efforts are less and farther involving than they are in some other international locations,” reported a previous senior ICE official. The official reported that frequently the U.S. and Mexico exchange info but that info is then acted on independently.

“Although Colombia clearly has its feeling of pride and sovereignty and nationalism, the romantic relationship involving the United States and Mexico is a lot more complicated and has usually been a lot more complicated,” reported Shifter. “There’s a lengthier heritage there and a lot more sensitivity. The Mexicans have typically been much a lot more resistant to safety cooperation with the United States and obtaining the existence of armed forces, for illustration, in Mexico.”

That resistance has little by little declined since the Mérida Initiative was signed, with Mexicans turning into a lot more willing to share info and coordinate joint workouts with the United States. Shifter and other previous officials fret that Trump’s rhetoric and guarantee to get Mexico to spend for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border—at a cost of $eight-12 billion—threatens to reverse that progress. In an govt buy Wednesday, Trump laid the groundwork for the border wall and reiterated that Mexico would finally spend for it. In response, Thursday, Nieto cancelled future week’s prepared assembly with the U.S. president, the first diplomatic disaster of Trump’s young presidency.

The two leaders spoke for an hour on the mobile phone Friday, a chance to lessen tensions involving the neighboring the international locations. “The two had a effective and constructive connect with concerning … the have to have for the two nations to get the job done collectively to quit drug cartels, drug trafficking and illegal guns and arms profits,” reads a go through-out of the connect with from the White Property. But Trump and Peña Nieto did not fix the impasse over who ought to spend for the wall. The White Property did not reply to a request for comment for this story.

Industry experts fret that even further saber-rattling by the White Property will only harm safety cooperation at the neighborhood stage, likely earning the U.S. considerably less safe. Mexico, for occasion, could lessen its policing efforts on its have southern border, making it possible for tens of countless numbers of migrants to make their way North. “It’s just one of the locations I think they could be a large amount considerably less valuable if tensions boost,” reported Shifter. Much less cooperation on daily intelligence cooperation would also harm U.S. safety.

The previous senior ICE official cautions that any animosity involving the U.S. and Mexican leaders will not automatically have an impact on safety cooperation on the ground. People expert relationships, designed up over several years, will not deteriorate overnight. That Trump and Nieto can engage in these a significant-profile war of words and phrases without the need of right away harming the safety romantic relationship is a testomony to how considerably that romantic relationship has come over the previous 10 several years. But no make a difference how powerful it is now, the escalating distrust and anger involving major leadership in every single region will at some point filter down to reduce degrees.

“There has been this escalating realization, right after nine/eleven, that the single worst factor that could materialize to Mexico would be a terrorist assault on the United States that was verified to originate in Mexican territory,” reported Wooden. “That’s what the Canadians have regarded for several years and several years and several years. The Mexicans now realize that.”

“Now, we’re receiving to the position where by Mexicans are starting to query that,” he added. “And that is a dark road we really don’t want to go down.”