Brocker.Org: Icahn to casino workers: Give up healthcare

Brocker.Org: Icahn to casino workers: Give up healthcare


Carl Icahn is from the necessarily mean streets of Queens – Oct. 24, 2014

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Carl Icahn could preserve a different Atlantic Metropolis on line casino from likely out of company, but he could possibly back out of the offer due to the fact union workers will not give up their healthcare plan.

The union are not able to bully Carl Icahn. He is from Queens!

Or that is what he mentioned, anyway, in an open up letter to the Community 54 union, which signifies on line casino workers in Atlantic Metropolis, NJ, in which 4 casinos have closed and eight,000 workers misplaced their employment, just this yr.

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“I grew up on the streets of Queens,” wrote Icahn, one of the best-recognized activist investors. “I acquired to struggle bullies and that was good teaching due to the fact I afterwards built my fortune battling the establishment — primarily CEOs and boards that I felt had been using benefit of the shareholders.”

Icahn mentioned he was likely to invest $one hundred million in the Trump Taj Mahal, and help save it from turning out to be the following on line casino to go out of company.

However, he mentioned he would do it only if the union agreed to give up health care added benefits.

So far, the union has refused.

Icahn mentioned he would pay each worker an excess $two,000 and they would be eligible for Obamacare or Medicaid.

(Although Icahn refers to it as the Trump Taj Mahal, the on line casino doesn’t carry Donald Trump’s name any additional.)

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Icahn mentioned the union is stalling the offer.

“The Taj Mahal is immediately running out of dollars and will virtually surely close,” he wrote. “Reprehensibly, the union, instead of working with … the business to preserve the Taj Mahal alive, is instead undertaking almost everything to ruin the probability of preserving the employment of virtually three,000 workers.”

The Taj Mahal on line casino is managed by Trump Leisure Resorts, also is not owned by The Donald. The business also owned Trump Plaza Casino, also in Atlantic Metropolis, which went out of company.

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Icahn mentioned the Taj Mahal was dropping $seven million a month.

“I mentioned that my basic rule is not to toss good dollars following lousy,” Icahn mentioned. However, if the business could get the concessions from the union, “I would look at undertaking my element,” he wrote.

The union was not immediately accessible for comment.

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