Brocker.Org: Millennial tech personnel are paying an exorbitant amount of money to stay in cramped, dorm-like disorders in San Francisco


A communal living place in The Negev house.Gabrielle Lurie/ReutersMillennials will go to great lengths to stay in San Francisco to pursue their careers. Some have even gone so much as to stay in boats, very small houses, or even within do-it-yourself picket crates

With the second-greatest median lease in the US, the city has some new graduates spending up to 79% of their salary exclusively on lease. It can be no surprise that people are coming up with one of a kind living scenarios in get to keep.

One these area is The Negev, a communal living place aimed toward those people doing work in tech. One of The Negev’s San Francisco houses residences forty people, many of whom snooze in bunk beds and pay back $1,900 a month to keep there. Forward, consider a search within that particular outpost of The Negev.