Brocker.Org: San Jose airport back to normal after terminal evacuation – The Mercury News


SAN JOSE — Travelers departing from Terminal A at Mineta San Jose International Airport on Saturday afternoon endured significant delays after a security scare involving unsecured baggage, prompting authorities to canvass the entire terminal and re-screen every passenger.

In a tweet shortly before 6 p.m. the airport said all passengers had been re-screened and operations were back to normal, but some airlines might still have delays.

TSA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said in a statement that workers with an unspecified airline “failed to properly secure some checked baggage after it had been screened by TSA.”

The airport added in a tweet that the baggage was then “inadvertently brought into” Terminal A. Harmon said “as a precaution, TSA cleared and swept Terminal A with negative findings.”

The airport said passengers were being rescreened, “but there are a large number of passengers waiting to be re-screened.”

About 200 passengers who got past the security checkpoint when the error was discovered were required to be re-screened.

The airport tweeted that passengers using the following carriers could be affected: Aeromexico Air Canada, Air China, ANA, some Alaska, American, ANA, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, United, and Volaris.