Brocker.Org: Tony Blair: Theresa May will win the general election



LONDON — Theresa May is on course to win the general election,
former Labour prime minister Tony Blair said on Thursday.

Speaking to Sky News in an interview aired today, Blair said that
if the polls are correct: “we know who is going to be prime
minister on June 9 – that’s not the issue. It will be Theresa

Blair has long been a vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership
and has questioned the current Labour’s leader ability to win an
election on multiple occasions.

He refused to tell Sky that “hand on heart” he believes the
veteran left-winger is the best person to lead the country.

He added that the “issue” was not who wakes up as prime minister
on June 9 but whether Labour is able to win enough seats to form
an effective opposition to the Conservative government. 

The three-time general election winner confirmed earlier
this week that he intends to vote for Labour on Thursday, June 8,
but said the party is destined for failure unless it makes
holding the government to account over Brexit the most important
issue in its campaign.

“I think the real issue is blank cheque — it’s what mandate does
she [May] claim, both on Brexit and the health service, education
and all the other things,” Blair said.

“I think that’s the most powerful argument for Labour in this
election, because of the way the polls are and the way the
opinion polls are on the leadership issue.

“The most powerful argument for Labour is to say it’s important
for our democracy that the Government is held properly to account
and she needs a strong opposition.”

The Tories are currently predicted to enjoy a comfortable
majority victory in June, with Labour behind by double-figure
margins in all recent opinion polls.