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Yesterday, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey released an intriguing experiment, inquiring his virtually 4 million followers to send out him what they want to see the enterprise increase or make.

The replies ranged from basic design and style gripes to extinguishing countrywide socialism, but currently Dorsey boiled the responses down to 4 basic themes. The result is a variety of New Year’s resolution listing for a enterprise which is coming off a quite rough yr. It’s not everything that arrived up, but it is plainly the 4 regions Dorsey finds most compelling.

This is a quite superior listing! Starting with abuse is smart, because it is simply the most urgent and complex trouble struggling with the platform, but building any progress on the other three would also be a quite superior way to get people energized about Twitter.

The undesirable news is, Dorsey is punting on each of them and for clear good reasons. On the abuse entrance, the trouble is not a deficiency of transparency so much as a deficiency of regular instruments and guidelines. But creating all those instruments and implementing all those guidelines is highly-priced and time-consuming, so transparency is almost certainly the finest we’re possible to see.

Editing tweets is an additional example. There is a ton of fascination in the notion, but Dorsey’s proposed the weakest edition of it, since any more robust edition would rapidly current an avenue for abuse and a menace to Twitter’s benefit as a public history of events.

The other two themes explain truly compelling additions to Twitter, the two appealing to end users and potentially important sources of money. But capturing that pleasure would imply creating and transport a actual products. As Anil Dash pointed out in his personal would like listing, Twitter has experienced actual challenges performing that, and it is hard to believe the ravages of 2016 will make it any less difficult.

That does not imply it won’t transpire. The foreseeable future is unwritten, and if Dorsey can execute on these strategies over the yr to arrive, we might all commit upcoming December writing about how 2017 was the yr Twitter turned matters around. But if this is the company’s new path, it will be flying versus a quite robust wind.

Disclosure: The Verge is partnering with Twitter for a stay clearly show at CES, which should be fun! With any luck , they’re not mad about this piece, which is an unbiased editorial products.