Brocker.Org: UBS just gave a comprehensive list of the big problems facing the banking sector


clean off red paint from the headquarters of the Union Bank of
Switzerland (UBS) in Zurich after a group of unidentified
protesters hurled glasses filled with paint against the building
in the early morning hours of April 14.


LONDON — UBS, Switzerland’s biggest bank, had a great start to
2017, boosting pre-tax profit by 42% in the first quarter of the
year and beating analysts estimates.

But that was not enough to keep the bank from striking
a dour tone in its investor outlook.

Profit rose to CHF 1.9 billion (£1.47 billion, $1.91 billion),
from CHF 1.4 billion in the same period in 2016.

“Our very strong results in the first quarter highlight the power
and potential of our franchise,” CEO Sergio Ermotti said in the
bank’s quarterly results statement.

“We will continue to manage our business with discipline,
focusing on sustainable performance and long-term growth.” 

But UBS also listed all the problems affecting the banking
industry, from volatile global politics to low interest rates and
the phasing in of tougher international capital rules.

Here is what UBS said (emphasis ours):

“Improved investor sentiment and enhanced confidence have
not yet fully translated into a sustained increase in client
activity levels.

“While the global recovery is likely to continue,
macroeconomic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions and
divisive politics pose risks that may affect client sentiment and
transaction volumes.

“Low and negative interest rates, particularly in Switzerland and
the eurozone, continue to present headwinds to net
interest margins.
These may be partially offset by the
effect of higher US dollar interest rates and a further
normalization of monetary policy.

“Implementing Switzerland’s new bank capital standards and the
proposed further changes to the international regulatory
framework for banks will result in increased capital
requirements, interest and operating costs.”