Brocker.Org: Car Loans After Bankruptcy


In spite of what many people think, it IS possible to get a car loan after bankruptcy. A bankruptcy process can be difficult to swallow, but it does not turn you into a bad guy. We would like to be of help to those unfortunate persons who have had to run the gauntlet of a financial breakdown.

A Well-Planned Budget

Planning in advance is capital. Make a detailed budget that contains your income, your expenses and what monthly installments you can afford to pay. This will give you a clear idea of what the best payment program would be for you, when you start asking for quotes from lenders.


There is a great difference between what you would like and real fact. Be prepared to face reality and opt for a smaller loan or a longer repay period if you notice that you will be a little too tight. Remember that you have just gone through a period of mistakes or maybe unforeseen happenings and you do not want to repeat them.

Credit Report

In this question of being prepared, you do not want to forget to check your credit report. Every citizen is entitled to one free credit report per year. Use it to check out unforeseen errors. Should you spot any, contact the Bureau immediately and have it corrected. They will tell you what you need to do.

Double Benefit

After bankruptcy, your credit needs to be repaired fast. So, this car loan you are looking for can be secured with the car itself as collateral. It will be “pinned” until you finish paying for it, but at least you get the loan.

Besides, credit improvement states how you pay and how much the loan is for, but they do not mention collaterals, so it would be just the same as paying back an unsecured loan.

Car Loan Brokers

Remember to see car loan brokers, because they will be able to get you a better deal when establishing the make, model and price of your car. Apart from this important fact, they are also used to dealing with customers with poor, bad or no credit at all, as well as post-bankruptcy situations.

Applying On-Line

This is a good way to go about things, because you can use the on-line application form without leaving your home and will not have to do any paperwork until the loan is effectively approved. This kind of agency has a lower fixed cost, so their rates are generally lower.

Sail the net and search for suitable lenders. Ask for quotes and do not be afraid of filling an on-line form in order to get information. You have not signed any paper yet.

One Last Touch

After a certain time, your credit will improve. Again ask for a credit report, even at a certain cost, see how your condition has gotten better and go straight for a refinance. You will be granted the possibility to do this, with the obvious convenience for you, regarding a shorter term with less interest.