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Over the decades, Nigerian university directors, primarily, the lslamiyyah educational facilities experienced compensated Lip expert services to the suitable keeping of records. All these educational facilities do is simply instruct and graduate pupils. However as observed by NTI, (2000:twelve) in 1964, a headmaster of just one primary university in our neighboring Bauchi Point out was confronted with just one serious expertise. A variety that contains a lot of questionnaires about just one of the previous pupils of the university who was nominated to be appointed as the chairman of the Federal Public Services Commissioner was provided to him to entire. The pupil graduated a lot of decades in advance of the headmaster even went to primary university. Hence, the headmaster did not know the man personally and did not know what to publish about him.

The only option obtainable to the headmaster was to turn to the university records. The university records confirmed the calendar year the pupil was admitted, the calendar year he handed out, the records of his excellent educational general performance, records of once-a-year prizes provided to the pupil among the others.

It was these records that served the headmaster to correctly and precisely crammed the variety that assisted the man or woman to be efficiently appointed.


Faculty records keeping: This notion according to NTI (2000:twelve) is the historical past of the university retained systematically. This implies that the systematic development of the university at different details in time want to be carefully recorded and retained by university directors. it is the authentic register of devices of officials accounts of transaction or accurance which are preserved in the educational facilities office environment (Olanrewaju 200S).

Aleiyideino SC et al (202) outlined file as a prepared statement about a happening. Faculty file keeping according to these scholars are records that give a lot of information about the university that will help the authority to get decisions and asses the development of the university. Head of Faculty shall refer to the two head instructor and principal.

Scholar: It shall be applied to refer to the two pupils and pupils. These records according to Dibu-Ojerinde,00 and Tukur(ed) (2005:21) categorised university records into (a) Statutory Information (b) Academic Information (c) Finance Information (d) Workers Document(e) Basic Information.

Also linking Muslim educational facilities to the classification of voluntary organizations fascinated in instructional growth, Eke, et al (2000:forty six) described that the Izalatil bid’a Wa Iqamatis Sunnah team, the Jama’atu Nasrul Islam, is the Islamic Rely on of Nigeria (ITN) among the others have contributed immensely not only to the growth of education and learning but also to suitable university records keeping in Nigeria. Below cognitive and productive domains are highly exhibited as opposed to community educational facilities that offer with only cognitive area.

It is in light-weight of the above that we are heading to talk about the classification of university records as outlined by Dibu-Ojerinde . and Tukur follows:

A). STATUTORY Information

1. ADMISSION Register

This is a register of admission, development and withdrawal of pupils, it should really have the next particulars about the admitted pupils.

(a) Admission variety (b) Title in comprehensive (c) Intercourse (d) Title and address of parent/guardians (e) Day Month and calendar year of start (f) Earlier university attended (g) Final class read (h) Day, month, class, of admission (i) Information of development (j) date of leaving university (k) Rationale for leaving and so on (1) Transfer certificate variety.

All the entries should really be hand-prepared and corrections should really be built in these types of a way that the initial entry and the correction are the two obviously distinguished. It should really be retained for not a lot less than fifteen (fifteen) decades from the date of final entry.

two. ATTENDANCE Register.

This is register that is retained for every single class that contains the particulars in respect of every single university student until finally these types of university student leaves the university. Students’ frequent attendance or in any other case can be traced listed here effortlessly, it should really have (a) Admission variety (b) Title in comprehensive, confident identify first and so on.

three. LOG E book.

This e book contains records of critical functions happening in the university. The historical past of the university can be compiled from this file. It should really be retained under lock and essential.

4. Site visitors E book

This is a file demonstrating names, address of all critical site visitors to the university as well as the purpose of these types of visit.


The education and learning regulation permits only the head of university or his agent to inflict corporal punishment on erring pupils. A suitable reoord is retained that contains (a) The identify of the offender (b) The date of these types of punishment (c) The character of offence (d) the man or woman who administered the punishment and so on.

This file will help to guard the academics against aggrieved mothers and fathers. It can provide as witness for the university to trace the trend of these types of pupils.

6. Schooling Law

The university should really hold Schooling Law with its polices to assist the university in running in line with these types of polices.

seven Nationwide Policy ON Schooling

Every single university have to have a copy of the Nationwide coverage on Schooling.


This is a file that contains the experiences of visits to the university by inspectors as it will help during adhere to-up inspections.

9. Workers Responsibility E book.

This is a file that exhibits a quick report of happenings in the university on daily basis. In secondary educational facilities, the perfects also publish daily report in prefect obligation e book.

ten. MINUTES OF Meeting E book

There should really be a difficult address e book to be applied for recording of minutes of assembly for simple reference to the decisions taken in meetings.

B). Academic Document

i) Accepted copy of syllabus

ii) Academic Syllabus documents

1. Accepted SYLLABUS:

Academic programme of establishments are primarily based on authorized syllabus of the study course to be run, it could be primary university syllabus, NTI syllabus for academics schools, WAEC/NECO syllabus and so on. the university want a syllabus to adhere to.

two. Plan OF Perform

This is the component that breakdown the syllabus into educating models. It is broken down into topics, general performance goals, and so on. lit has to be retained by every single instructor to be marked and endorsed by the headmaster.

three. Document OF Perform E book

This component further more split down the scheme of perform into weekly records of what the instructor has taught. It should really be retained by academics and cheeked and endorsed by the headmaster.

4. LESSON Be aware E book

A single may phone it lesson program, it is like the website program for the architect. It is geared up so that you adhere to it devoid of forgetting a process. it lessens your strength of remembering the upcoming move to do while educating. It should really have subject, date, time of the working day, period of the lesson, age, sex, and class. Other individuals involves: aims and objective, previous awareness introduction, presentation analysis and conclusion.

5. MARKS Textbooks

This is applied in compiling proceeds evaluation (CA) file. It is applied to create up CA as it is either on weekly, fortnightly or month to month as the situation may be.

6. Continuous Evaluation File/REPORT SHEET

Educational institutions applied C.A dossier for evaluation records for every single university student. Two copies are required for a university student, just one for the university and one more just one for the university student. It should really have cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the university student.

seven. Faculty TIME Desk

This exhibits the daily routines of the university, class by class, time period by time period and the names of academics managing them. It sums up the variety of time period allotted to a issue and the variety of topics arid periods taught by a instructor in a 7 days.


It is retained by the class captain of every single issue to be signed at the conclusion of the time period by academics. It can cheek academics who do not go to courses as and when because of

9. TRANSFER Certification

This is in a booklet variety issued to pupils who depart the university in advance of obtaining to the terminal class. It will help the two the university releasing the pupils and the educational facilities obtaining pupils.

ten. LEAVING Certification

Unclaimed certificates testimonies and so on should really be retained under essential and luck

eleven. Files FOR Academic Information OF Distinct Subject matter Matters Need to have TO BE Held

C). FINANCE Document

The university requires account records these types of as:

i. Salary and payment voucher:- these are retained in labeled documents to show salary payment and other payments built in the university.

it Faculty costs register:- It is retained to give the monetary transactions in the university. It offers information about cash flow and expenditure products. It promotes accountability and helps prevent corrupt and sharp procedures.

iii. Charges receipts:- It is issued to pupils as they spend costs while the duplicates is retained for auditor and inspectors.

iv. Cash E book:- It exhibits the receipts and payments of the university.

v. Ledger E book:- It is applied to file all the debit and credit transacts of the university.

vi. Bank Reconciliation to Reconcile the Faculty Transaction with the lender (to come into arrangement)

vii. Inventory E book:- It is applied to hold the stock of the landed property and other property of the university with liabilities proven.

viii. I.O.U E book:- This is applied to provider limited time period monetary help to personnel, payable on payment of salary.

D). Workers Information:

i. Workers Time E book:- This is for personnel attendance, it exhibits the tune every single personnel come to university (late corners cab be effortlessly detected)

ii. Workers motion E book:- This is the file that suggest when personnel transfer out of the university during university several hours and when they returned.

iii. Workers Confidential Report: (Yearly Evaluation REPORT Variety-APER Variety) This is applied for personnel promotion and reward.

iv. Workers Files: Every single member of personnel should really have a personalized file, which have the file of provider with suitable references.

v. Workers Checklist:- Checklist of personnel suppose to be retained which includes the university organization.

vi. Files on Subject matter subject in the accounts want to be retained

E). EJGENERAL Information:

A university also want the next records:

i. Parents Lecturers Affiliation Minutes e book

ii. Parents Lecturers Affiliation Account E book

iii. Board of Administrators minutes Textbooks

iv. Suggestion documents and Box

v. Instruction E book or Inner Round File

vi. Correspondence Files on different Topics

Great importance OF Document Keeping IN THE Educational institutions

The importance of file keeping in educational facilities according to Olgboye Cited in Olararenwaji I.T (2009:1) and Dibu Ojermde and Tukur (ed) (2005:27), include

1. It tells the historical past of the university

two. It facilitates continuity in the university administration

three. It facilitates and increase the provision of productive advice and counseling provider for pupils in the social occupation domains

4. Offers information required on ex-pupils by higher and other associated establishment and employers of labour for admission or placement.

5. Aid the offer of information to mothers and fathers or guardians for productive monitoring of the development of their children in university or general performance.

6. Offers info required for scheduling and decision generating by university authority

seven. Provide’ a basis for the objective evaluation of the point out of educating and learning in the university, which includes personnel and pupils general performance by supervisors and inspectors.

eight. Give information for the university group, the typical community, employers, scientists for the advancement of awareness.

9. It assures that the headmaster keeps strictly to the education and learning polices.

ten. Faculty records can be applied as reference resources for the two the academics and the directors.

ABUSES OF Faculty Information

Some time according to Aleiyideino, Sc et a! (2000:seventy nine) some university abuse records keeping by:

1. Non availability of records:- They do not hold these types of records and cannot deliver exact same when the want crop up.

two. Trouble of storage:- Some university have these records but are not correctly saved according to issue subject.

three. Ignorance on the part of head academics:- Some head academics are not even conscious of the importance of records keeping in university or how to even hold these records.

4. Inadequate Supervision by Head instructor or supervisor:- Some Head academics do not hold records simply because no human body request for these types of records.

5. If the information provided are false or incomplete, it cannot give us accurate information required.


This implies that we have to know the importance of keeping records and with truthful and entire information This will help our educational facilities to be up to date and react to any query or fill any variety about our university devoid of complications.


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