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A type of loan in which the loan is taken care of or secured by any real property with the use of evidence with the help of a mortgage note that signifies the existence of the loan. Basically in this system of lending a loan, some property, referred to as the mortgage is taken by the lender against the loan. This provides the required security to the lender. Interest rate, the size of the loan, method of paying off the loan, maturity of the loan, etc. are certain characteristics of a mortgage loan that vary considerably. The Florida mortgage and Georgia Mortgage Loans also depend on these characteristics.

Florida Mortgage Loans

If you are a resident of Florida and want a home loan, then the Florida mortgage laws should be known very well to you. Some of the rules mentioned in chapter 3D-40 as stated in the Florida Statutes are as follows:

•    Every person who plays the role of a broker or a home loan lender should have a license from the state licensing board.

•    Foreclosure of all the types of mortgage loan should be done in equity, as stated by the Florida equity law.

•    Before the conduction of home foreclosures, the filing of lawsuits in the court, is mandatory for the lenders.

Georgia Mortgage Loans

A title theory state! This is what Georgia is known as because of the system of the Georgia Mortgage. Unless the full of payment of the underlying loan is made, the title property remains with the lender. This is why it is called so. In Georgia a deed to secure debt refers to the document which secures the property (title). It is also known as a security deed. A promissory note is something that proves the borrower’s promise to repay the loan to the lender.

There are judicial provisions for both, the borrower and the lender of Mortgage Loans in Georgia. A judicial foreclosure proceeding is something in which the lender can move to the court where the final judgment regarding the foreclosure is issued by the court. This is usually approached in the case of a standard mortgage or in the case where there is a lack of power of sale language in the deed of trust.


The Refinance of Georgia Mortgage is the process of swapping two loans. Your old loan is swapped out with a more convenient or favourable loan. The nature of the new loan is such that it pays off the old loans and payments need to be made only on the new loan.