Brocker.Org: Grants For Childcare Centers From Department Of Children And Family Services


Running a childcare center is a profitable business proposition not only for women but also for men especially as one can make income while staying at home and at the same time taking care of one’s own children. Also one can utilize their skills and knowledge of working with children in their business. Not to forget comedy movie Daddy Day Care in which Eddie Murphy, the dad runs a child daycare center successfully and earns handsome money.

If you Wanna! Start your own childcare center but financial hurdles are blocking your path then there is no need to be upset about it as US government gives mind boggling money every year in form of grants to ambitious people like you who wanted to start their new business or expand or upgrade their existing ones.

The purpose behind their endeavoring propositions for starting of new businesses is notwithstanding giving the economy smooth run in the way there would be more taxes and less social security benefits.

Obtaining grant is quite tedious as lot of research is involved, writing grant application and submitting proposal. Your initial step involves in contacting Department of Children and Family Services of your local county. They can advise you best which particular local or state grants are available for your childcare center. Actually there are two categories of grants for daycare center: Grants for non-profit daycares and regular daycares.

In nonprofit daycare center, one can still make a living by getting a steady salary but one cannot turn into a business whereas in regular daycares, it is difficult to get a grant but not impossible. One has to specify and give surety that their daycare center will serve the community in a specific way.

But before applying for grant, you have to prepare a business plan whereby there is a need to specify certain points such as various requirements to start the business and details of the investment on these requirements such toys, games, tables, chairs, children books, swings, food items; cost of advertisements; deciding about the charges; setting up of procedures and policies; number of teachers and their salary; planning activities and creating daily schedule for yourself and children; billing, accounting and record keeping details; means of attracting clients and ideas for growing business. You also need to check regarding the details of obtaining license for running daycare center. 

After finding the suitable category,fill in the application for grant and enclose details of business plan of your daycare center stressing upon the positive impact it intends to create in the lives of children and society in general. If you think you wont be able to handle all the complications involved then you can always take professional help for availing the opportunity provided by grants.