Brocker.Org: How To Get Junk Silver Regionally For Pennies On The Greenback


My youngest son is really psyched about gathering gold and silver cash. A number of months again, my son visited a area coin store and the owner shared his favorite method for discovering junk silver cash for significantly less than the location cost of silver.

He gave my son a helpful appear and described “I would adore to sell you silver cash all day and make some cash”. “Finding old cash is additional enjoyment than buying them.” “Go to your area lender and request for rolls of silver cash and appear for 40% & ninety% silver half pounds“.” We were being really psyched about discovering junk silver cash and paying out only face value for them.  If you want to invest in junk silver cash for filth inexpensive, then appear no further more than your area lender.

We visited many banks and arrived property with 21 individual Kennedy half pounds with various amounts of silver. We experienced around $100 truly worth of silver bullion and compensated $ten.

This is a time consuming method that will not make you loaded. We do it additional for the enjoyment and thrill of it. At the exact same time, it’s a good way to lender some further price savings without having having to do the job for the cash. If I lender is in the vicinity of the place I have some errands to execute, I will make a rapid trip inside of and exchange some cash the banks are conveniently situated in the vicinity of the place I’m accomplishing my errands I will exchange a number of rolls that have arty appear via for some refreshing rolls.

How Much Silver Is In Junk Silver Coins?

Ninety-per cent Mercury dimes have .0723 ounces of silver. Related to Mercury dimes, Roosevelt dimes have .0723 ounces of silver.

Washington Quarters minted in the a long time 1932-1964 have .1808 troy ounces of silver and are truly worth roughly $5 as of January, 2012.

Walking Liberty half pounds are built with .3617 ounces of true silver.

Ninety per cent Franklin halves have .3617 ounces of pure silver.

Kennedy half pounds minted just before 1965 have ninety% silver. Ninety per cent silver Kennedy half pounds were being minted only in 1964.

Silver Eisenhower Greenback Benefit (1971-1974, 1975-1976 bicentennial)

If the coin does not have the “S” San Francisco mint stamp on it, never waste your time for the reason that the coin is effectively worthless. Ike silver pounds with the “S” stamp have .3162 troy ounces of silver..

The copper clad “Ike” silver pounds without having the “S” stamp are truly worth only pennies in addition the $1 face value.