Brocker.Org: Sex appeal: Good credit makes you more attractive


That doesn’t mean everyone with debt is doomed romantically. There is some leniency depending on the type of debt. Having more school debt didn’t hurt the attractiveness of the person as much as having greater car or credit card debt, LendingTree found.

People understand that educational loans pay off in the future rather than credit card debt, which insinuates financial irresponsibility,” said Nicholas Bradman, a project manager at LendingTree. Considering how common student loans are these days, it’s also probably harder to find someone to date who doesn’t have student debt, Bradman said.

Your credit can also factor in to how good looking a potential partner can seem. Nearly a quarter of Americans in a separate TransUnion survey said a good credit score makes someone more attractive.

“All age groups understand how important credit is in their lives, as it relates to compatibility,” said Heather Battison, a vice president at TransUnion, a credit-scoring company. One partner’s bad credit could impact other aspects of your life as a couple when you apply for credit jointly, including what mortgage rate you qualify for together and whether you qualify at all, she said.