Brocker.Org: Soundproofing Your Fence with Dr. Bob


So you have just ordered your household but when you very first looked at it, you failed to recognize just how negative the targeted traffic sound in the backyard actually was. Now you are committed to a 30-calendar year mortgage loan and asks “What can I do Dr. Bob? Properly, I’m glad you questioned.

You can construct a soundproof or a seem-regulate fence. Now will this fence block one hundred% of the targeted traffic sound? I’m scared not, but will it make your backyard lifetime tolerable? You wager it will.

There are some items that you need to have to know about developing an outcome seem regulate fence that will make it much more efficient. Initially and foremost, you new seem regulate fence requirements to be eight ft higher than the sound supply. Now you need to have to verify with your metropolis or township to see if they have height ordinances relating to fences. If they will only enable a 6′ high fence, you can generally make an earthen berm to boost the height of the backyard in which the fence will be erected.

Now lets converse about the fence alone. I propose developing a cedar or redwood slatted fence as high as attainable, (8ft becoming the minimum amount height higher than the sound supply). The term “Higher than the sound supply” indicates simply just this, if the sound is coming from an auto muffler, then the fence technically requirements to be 8′ higher than the vehicles tailpipe. This should be basic enough. If you fence isn’t really precisely 8′ higher than the sound supply will it not be efficient? Of class it will, but at the 8′ degree you will get the most effective seem blocking.

Let us converse about setting up your fence. The new redwood or cedar fence will have at the very least 4″ X 4″ posts mounted in concrete footings and sunk at the very least 2 ft into the ground. You will want as steady a basis as attainable for your new seem regulate fence as you will be including large seem blocking brokers to it. After the posts are established and the concrete has healed, you will then add the fence cross users. These are frequently 2″ X 4″ beams that join the posts alongside one another and offer you more help for the fence slats. Now when the fence framing is entire, you will then be completely ready for the soundproofing membrane to be set up. You will have currently known as the specialists at Soundproofing The usa and requested a product known as “mass loaded vinyl”. Mass loaded vinyl is a loaded vinyl soundproofing barrier that will come in rolls that are 35’x 4′ or 30′ x 4 ½’. After you have your rolls of mass loaded vinyl and the acoustical caulk and tape that go with the MLV, you are completely ready to put in the soundproof membrane for your new fence.

Your very first phase is to stretch the MLV along the frame of the fence, you want to make confident the that the MLV extends all the way down to the ground so that the seem does not leak however the bottom of your fence. After the MLV is stretched throughout the fence frame, you will staple or nail the MLV to the frame. I propose that you overlap the MLV by at the very least ½” and that you will liberally caulk amongst the overlap with acoustical caulk. You will also want to caulk the outer perimeter of the MLV membrane with the acoustical caulk. The future phase is to tape the caulked Seams only with a PVC seam sealer tape along with the acoustical caulk.

As soon as the MLV membrane is secured to the fence framing and all the seams and perimeter have been caulked and taped, it is time to slat the fence. You will use 8′ dog eared slats and but the slats as near alongside one another as attainable, it is also a fantastic concept to caulk the seams of the slats on their own, but this is completely not important.

I would also propose slats to the other facet of the fence in an effort and hard work to guard the MLV membrane from the things. This is a common follow, but when again is not essentials for fantastic seem blockage.

One particular remaining notice, some of my buyers use a combination of both mass loaded vinyl and The usa mat shut mobile foam as the septum for their seem regulate fences. By including the shut mobile foam you are including seem absorption to your fence as well as the most effective in seem blockage. If you use both of these weather proof goods, you will want to go away at the very least a one/eight” hole amongst the slats on the facet of the fence that faces the sound supply. In other terms if you are applying both The usa mat and MLV you will need to have to slat both sides of the fence and go away the gaps on the facet struggling with the targeted traffic for instance. These septum fences do the job wonderful for loud and obnoxious neighbors as well. I hope this give your new hope for having a wonderful silent backyard.

This is Dr. Bob…..Out!!!!