Brocker.Org: The Secret to Pay Off a Mortgage: the Snowball Effect and Prepayment Timing


I’m going to show you how to save the absolute maximum in interest and how to pay off your mortgage faster than you ever imagined.

First of all, if you want to save interest and pay of your mortgage early but haven’t realized by now that your mortgage payments are going to waste on interest then you’re in for some studying.

The interest you pay is mostly paid at the beginning so that hardly any of your money ever goes towards principle. It takes a LONG time.

You see, if the interest rate is 6%, it means that 6% of the principle balance is taken out of every single mortgage payment and put into the bank’s pocket. This makes it nearly impossible to pay off a mortgage without being absolutely destroyed by the interest charges.

SO, if they’re going to front-load that interest, you’ve got to counter it and front load the principle payments.

This is what I’m saying, an extra payment of $100 to the principle in the first month will save you more money and pay off a mortgage far faster than a $100 prepayment in any later month during your mortgage.

This happens because of something called the prepayment snowball effect. That $100 prepayment lowers the balance. This means that the 6% that is taken out of your mortgage payment as interest is less. That means more money goes to principle on the next payment, which means more on the next, and increasing more on each payment. The earlier you make that $100 prepayment in your mortgage amortization schedule, the more it with snowball, save you interest and accelerate the mortgage pay off.

This may seem small, but anyone will tell you, it’s EXTREMELY powerful… Just imagine if you put $10k down, right now, to snowball and pay off your mortgage. You can!

See, there is a loophole in the mortgage and banking industry. No, it can’t be closed like a loophole, but it saves more interest and will pay off your mortgage faster than any other method known to man.

It’s not only a saving grace to home owners but a revolution to the mortgage industry. This loophole is can be read about and it explained in full detail in a report entitled The Mortgage Loophole Report

It’s the only way to guarantee the fastest mortgage pay off time and highest interest savings.