Brocker.Org: Writing a Personal Check – Discover Why it May Get Rejected Even If You Have Money in the Account


There was a time when writing a personal check was a simple and straight forward thing. Somehow it has got complicated.

Firstly, many of us do not write checks very often so when we do have to there is always that niggling fear that we have messed it up.

Messing up a check is actually becoming more of an issue that it used to be. Now your check will be process by a machine and if the machine doesn’t like what it reads it will reject it. This also applies if the machine is unable to read your check. The good old days of humans processing the checks are rapidly coming to an end.

So you have dredged the little grey cells and remembered how to write a check; you have used your best hand writing and it still gets rejected? The solution could be that you used the wrong check book. Many of us have several check books, we haven’t finished one and for some reason the bank suddenly decide that we must need another. The problem with this is that the bank monitors the order in which the checks are received. It doesn’t mind if one or two are missing form the order, the machine will assume that someone has not cashed one (possibly written as a deposit which was never needed) or you may have made a mistake and binned it. What the bank doesn’t like is unexpectedly switching check books.

There is so much identify thief, which is costing the banks money, that they try to spot these before two many transfers have taken place. By using the wrong check book the bank will assume that your check book was stolen either from you (and you never noticed) or it was removed from the postal system and has never been received by you. A very clever idea. However, it doesn’t take into account the fact that we all throw our check books in a drawer and then produce them, possibly in the wrong order, when needed!

The final and one of the most irritating reasons to have a check rejected is that you have not noticed a requirement of the person trying to cash the check. Some companies will have special requirements which they need to have added to the check for their machines to be able to correctly apply it. This is most common with either credit card payments or payments to utilities such as the water and gas companies. Unfortunately all these people obviously have different processing software as they all have different requirements.

So to guarantee that your check is processed without issue you need to be really careful, especially since you will probably receive a late payment fine if you don’t get it right!

Writing a personal check should really be much easier than it is, but as long as we live in our world of technology it is unlikely to happen.