Brocker.Org: Goldman Sachs is hiring in an unlikely destination


Salt Lake


When you believe of Goldman Sachs workforce, you may well photo them
functioning in global hubs like New York and London.

You can now insert Bangalore and Salt Lake to that list. The two
towns now dwelling the 3rd and fourth biggest populations of
Goldman Sachs personnel.

Goldman has 10,000 personnel in New York and New Jersey, which
the firm considers a person locale. The bank’s 2nd-largest
office environment is in London, with about 6,000 staff.

In 3rd location is Bengaluru, India, with about
five,000 employees. And 
Goldman’s fourth-biggest
office environment in the world is now Salt Lake Town.

The headcount in that office environment has developed by almost 80% about
the previous five years and presently sits at around 2,two hundred

As of final 12 months
, about 25% of Goldman Sachs’ staffed labored
in reduce-expense “strategic” areas around the globe, such as
in Singapore, Warsaw, and Dallas, Texas.

The bulk of these positions are in tech. Goldman Sachs said in
2015 that forty one% of its tech workforce now function in reduced-expense
areas, up substantially from former decades.

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