Brocker.Org: MORGAN STANLEY: These three restaurant stocks could be crushed by the return of food stuff inflation (CAKE, RRGB, BLMN)


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Falling food stuff price ranges will before long be background, and restaurants could get crushed as price ranges rise, according to Morgan Stanley.

“As a proportion of company-operated restaurant sales,” claimed an analyst group led by John Glass, “food stuff prices declined ~40bps in 2015 and one more ~70bps in 2016.”

The tumble in food price ranges has saved the restaurant small business, while it has also led to a fall in sales at places to eat as it has come to be more cost-effective for consumers to take in at home.

“Modifying for pricing shifts in just about every channel, the slowdown in real restaurant sales was accompanied by an acceleration in real grocery sales,” the group found.

Nonetheless, “places to eat have broadly been beneficiaries of a deflationary commodity atmosphere,” the analysts observed. “Commodity deflation, irrespective of impact on sales, has been accretive to profitability throughout the restaurant field.” 

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This gain from lessen commodity price ranges may perhaps before long vanish with the return of inflation.

“Consensus restaurant margins are at present baking in ~.five% food stuff price inflation in FY17 and ~one-one.five% in FY18 (based on one.five-2% pricing),” they estimated. “If inflation re-accelerates to three% in ’18, our protection would see EPS tumble ~six% on common.”

In individual, “places to eat with high company possession and below-peer EBIT margins would be most impacted by a broad based raise in food stuff prices.” Bloomin’ Manufacturers, Pink Robin Gourmand Burgers, and Cheesecake Factory are the most vulnerable.

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